Welcome Back!

We are all very pleased to finally be able to welcome you back to studio sessions.

We have carried out a risk assessment and we are fulfilling all the criteria to re-open, but will of course continue the popular online classes.
Please read the COVID safety guidelines below prior to returning to the studio.

What is new?

The Pilates Place has moved upstairs and we have temporarily merged the The Pilates studio and the Gyrotonic studio. The entrance is to the right of the shop front.

We would like to prepare you that returning to any fitness establishment is likely to be a very different experience to pre COVID and it will take some time getting used to the distancing, the face coverings and the less flexible schedules.

Our team have discussed how we can best meet your target in a safe environment and we have come up with good solutions that we actually think will enhance your results and understanding of the methods.

We will teach clients to set up the equipment themselves and there will be no hands on cuing of exercises.

We won't be able to offer as much scheduling flexibility as before because instructors will be dedicated shifts.

All Gyrokinesis classes and Pilates mat classes will continue to be taught online, but we may condense the schedule depending on demand.

COVID Safety Measures

In accordance with Government Guidelines a risk assessment has been carried out and following are the safety measures to be observed when visiting the studio. The objective is to keep everyone safe and minimise the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 amongst clients and staff.

The Government emphasises that Social Distancing and Hygiene are the key to optimal protection.
PPE is suggested to be useful, but currently not mandatory in a fitness environment.

However, staff are very happy to wear masks, facial shields and gloves if requested. Equally, some instructors may request their clients to wear mask. Clients will be notified when booking.

Social Distancing

The current social distancing guidelines recommend for people to stay two meters apart, but if difficult the '1 metre-plus' rule applies. This guideline is applicable to the studio environment as well.

The floor will be marked and a clear protective screen will be available.

No more than one instructor and one client per room will be present unless clients are from the same household during Pilates and Gyrotonic private sessions.

No more than one instructor and two clients will be present per room during Pilates duet sessions.

We will leave 5min in between each booking to allow time for the instructor to disinfect the equipment. Classes will be of a 55 minute duration.

To allow for social distancing, we kindly ask clients to observe following studio etiquette:

1. Please do not arrive early.
2.Please arrive in your fitness attire.
3. Please leave your session promptly.
4. Please do not gather unnecessarily in corridors.
5. All bookings to be made though our online booking system or via email.
6. All payments to be made online or via BACS transfer.
7. We cannot accept cash or cheques.


We will keep the windows open during sessions weather permitting and/or also ventilate the rooms in between sessions.


1.We kindly ask clients to wash their hand on arrival
2.Hand sanitiser and paper towels will be available
3. The studio will no longer provide towels. Please bring your own.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

We would also like to thank The Pilates Place and GYROTONIC® London community for all your support during the last 4 months. We appreciate your concern, your kind emails and supporting us by attending online sessions during the last 4 months. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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